Briefly about: News in the market of peat-free substrates

The issue of reducing the use of fossil resources is still relevant. Consequently, peat-free substrates and soil improvers are the ones that need to conquer the consumer market of the future.

Looking at the current supply, it can be seen that peat-free substrates made of composted material (Gardman, Rolawn, Pro-Grow, Neudorff, Klassman, etc.) are mostly available on the market.

Composting organic material is one of the directions of material circulation, which is undeniably an efficient but time-consuming process. Almost anyone who owns a backyard garden has tried to make compost. Within the framework of the circular economy, various biological production wastes can be composted (from tree leaves seized in parks to food industry residues, etc.).

The sapropel-ash granules developed within the project can also be supplemented with composted material, thus providing the product with a higher content of nutrients required by plants. Therefore, improving the composition of the product is still an issue.

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    1. Peat-free substrates or soil improving agents are those not containing peat. Instead, they may consist of other materials, e.g., compost, vermicompost, coir, biochar, etc.

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