Other Results

2021, October: Scientific report on the results (Report No.5 “Development of Formula of Peat-Free Soil Conditioner: Soil Response Assessment“)

2021, October: Patent application “Peat-Free Soil Improver and Method for Its Production” (submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia)

2021, September: Scientific report on the results (Report No.4 “Development of Formula of Peat-Free Soil Conditioner: Plant Response Assessment”)

2021, August: Booklet “Peat-free soil improver: What? Why? How?” [in Latvian], assessable as a printable versionvideo and e-book.

2021, March: Open-access data repository: Zane Vincevica-Gaile, Karina Stankevica, Maris Klavins, Anna Trubaca-Boginska, 2021. Analysis of wood combustion products. Mendeley Datahttps://doi.org/10.17632/3NGWCBJ5R7.1

2021, January: Scientific report on the results (Report No.3 “Characterization of the Formula of Peat-Free Soil Conditioner”)

2020, October: Scientific report on the results (Report No.2 “Characterization of Raw Material Applicable for the Formula of Peat-Free Soil Conditioner”)

2020, April: Scientific report on the results (Report No.1 “Summary of Research Methods for Investigation of Biomass Combustion Ashes”)

2020, April: Prototype of the product’s composition

2018, May: Public engagement – blog/website of the project, regularly updated

From 2017, October – every 3 months: Public engagement – updated online information on the project implementing institution’s website