Project aiming development of technologies for energy recovery from waste

The work in the project “Innovation of the waste-to-energy concept for the low-carbon economy: Development of novel carbon capture technology for the thermochemical processing of municipal solid waste (CCSW – Carbon Capture and Storage from Waste)” is being initiated.

Scientific paper published

The scientific paper has been published in the international scientific journal “Sarhad Journal of Agriculture”:

Vincevica-Gaile Z., Stankevica K., Klavins M., Setyobudi R.H., Damat D., Adinurani P.G., Zalizar L., Mazwan M.Z., Burlakovs J., Goenadi D.H., Anggriani R., Sohail A. (2021) On the Way to Sustainable Peat-Free Soil Amendments. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture,  37 (Special issue 1), 122-135,

Scientific paper published

As a result of international collaboration, a scientific paper is published in a scientific journal of high impact factor (IF=4.435) “Frontiers in Marince Science” and available open-access:

Rudovica V., Rotter A., Gaudêncio S.P., Novoveská L., Akgül F., Akslen-Hoel L.K., Alexandrino D.A.M., Anne O., Arbidans L., Atanassova M., Bełdowska M., Bełdowski J., Bhatnagar A., Bikovens O., Bisters V., Carvalho M.F., Catalá T.S., Dubnika A., Erdogan A., Ferrans L., Haznedaroglu B.Z., Hendroko Setyobudi R., Graca B., Grinfelde I., Hogland W., Ioannou E., Jani Y., Kataržyte M., Kikionis S., Klun K., Kotta J., Kriipsalu M., Labidi J., Lukic Bilela L., Martínez-Sanz M.,  Oliveira M., Ozola-Davidane R., Pilecka-Ulcugaceva J., Pospiskova K., Rebours C., Roussis V., López-Rubio A., Safarik I., Schmieder F., Stankevica K., Tamm T., Tasdemir D., Torres C., Varese G.C., Vincevica-Gaile Z., Zekker I., Burlakovs J. (2021) Valorization of marine waste: Use of industrial by-products and beach wrack towards the production of high added-value products. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 723333,

Presentations at IMOG conference and EAGE workshop

On September 12-17, 2021, the 30th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry IMOG 2021 was arranged online. Participation at the conference was implemented by the presentation “Sapropel for soil remediation: A comparative study” resulting in the publication of an extended abstract. The study was conducted using raw materials for the development of a peat-free formula to evaluate the effectiveness of sapropel to be used in contaminated soils.

Simultaneously, also the 3rd EAGE Geochemistry Workshop was held and participation in it was implemented by the presentation “Perspectives of sapropel and clay-containing amendments in bioremediation of complex pollution”. The published extended abstract is available here.

Submission for SGEM

SGEM means International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference Surveying, Geology and Mining, Ecology and Management. This year, August 14-22, 2021, the 21st SGEM conference will be held, as always in Bulgaria, Albena, not far from Varna city.

The scientific publication for SGEM Proceedings (IF=0.4) is prepared and submitted, entitled “Circular economy driven options for bio-based soil improvers”. During the conference, the topic will be presented within the section “Ecology & Environmental Protection”.

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