Project aiming development of technologies for energy recovery from waste

The work in the project “Innovation of the waste-to-energy concept for the low-carbon economy: Development of novel carbon capture technology for the thermochemical processing of municipal solid waste (CCSW – Carbon Capture and Storage from Waste)” is being initiated.

Scientific paper published

The scientific paper has been published in the international scientific journal “Sarhad Journal of Agriculture”:

Vincevica-Gaile Z., Stankevica K., Klavins M., Setyobudi R.H., Damat D., Adinurani P.G., Zalizar L., Mazwan M.Z., Burlakovs J., Goenadi D.H., Anggriani R., Sohail A. (2021) On the Way to Sustainable Peat-Free Soil Amendments. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture,  37 (Special issue 1), 122-135,