The aim of the research project is to elaborate the formula of peat-free soil conditioner with controlled-release fertilizing effect applicable for soil remediation and quality improvement of agricultural production. It is foreseen that the formula will have ability to bind pollutants such as heavy metals, decrease soil salinity simultaneously increasing quality of agricultural production and promoting environmental, particularly, soil protection by allowing recultivation and exploitation of degraded, eroded, depleted and salinized soil. Thereby, in long-term extended use of land resources will be promoted.

The research project involves implementation of industrial research in the field of environmental and rural engineering in accordance with fundamental principles of circular economics and sustainable design within the framework of knowledge-based bioeconomics to assess variability and suitability of raw material, i.e., biodegradable waste and by-products derived from agriculture and energy industries, e.g., digestate, biochar, together with locally available natural resources (such as sapropel, clay etc.), estimating proportions of ingredients in the formula and testing its properties, protecting obtained knowledge and proficiency with patent. Results of the project also involve work out of original scientific articles, public engagement via blog and a booklet of recommendations for application of the formula for soil remediation and agriculture.